Charlotte’s First Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated Charlotte’s First Birthday Party with family and friends! We felt so blessed to have so many loved ones join us to celebrate our sweet, sweet little girl turn one! Charlotte had the absolutely best time playing with cousins and friends and visiting with loved ones near and far!

We hosted the party at our brand new home, which mind you, we had only been in for less than two weeks and were able to get ourselves together to try to throw a birthday bash for our little smiley babe!

Since Charlotte is born in November, we chose a pumpkin/fall/rustic theme! We had a table for the kids to paint and decorate pumpkins, pumpkin treats, a chili bar, and of course a fire in our brand new fire pit that my Dad and John put together that morning (see I told you we were still trying to get things settled in our new home!)

The weather was a brisk fall day! Perfect for a fall celebration! All in all, we had the very best day celebrating our little pumpkin (who might I add, was ever so polite while eating her “smash” cake! lol)

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our sweet Charlotte!

xoxo Carly


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