The sweetest little room

Charlotte’s Little Dreamy Room…

As we’re finally settling into our little home we have been putting the finishing touches onto Charlotte’s room and we are almost done! (If you know me, you know that I love to move things around- decorations, furniture, art, whatever it is I love changing things up!)

Here is a little preview into her room…

When we designed Charlotte’s nursery in our first home I could envision that sweetest little girl’s room, ever! Filled with dreamy pink walls, whites, and cream accents and furniture! I am vicariously, living out my childish dreams through her room. When we moved into our new home this fall I could not wait to turn this blank slate of her room into a little girl’s dream! We had the basics.. the crib, dresser, bookshelves, antique faux fireplace (who doesn’t need one of these in their bedrooms?!?!) so now it was time to turn all the nooks and crannies of her room into dream play space! My parents gave Charlotte the teepee for Christmas, so while we’ve been home over vacation, we totally took advantage of decorating it and getting all set up for play time! She clearly loves playing in it! She loves to bring her stuffed animals in and out and play with them in the tent.

This is definitely a room where “Fairytales do come true!”


xoxo Carly

Home Sweet Home

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