Hey Y’all!

We’re just trying to rally after a very fun-filled busy Easter Weekend! Am I the only one who thinks we all need a a day off after a Sunday holiday? Ugh today was a rough one!

This weekend we definitely loved all of the holiday festivities. It started with Friday afternoon crafts with Nonni and our cousins! Nonni is the best at having crafts for every holiday and she truly brings the magic to all holidays, especially for the little ones!

Saturday was filled with errands, an Easter Egg Hunt at the Lighthouse, and then dinner with family at my parents house. Let’s just say that Charlotte is becoming quite the professional Easter Egg Hunter!

Sunday we hosted Easter Dinner at our house. It was so fun to have many of our family members over for another successful party! I think we’re finally getting in a flow in the new house (we’ve lived here for a year and half lol) when it comes to entertaining. Since it was not only Easter but it was also April Fool’s Day so a little spin on our Easter Egg Hunt was in order.

So much fun spent with our family. Here are a couple of photos from the dinner too! Wish I had a family photo, but of course we were clearly so in the moment and didn’t document the rare moment of us all being dressed up for the evening. Oh well! Such is life!! Hope everyone had a great Easter too!!



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