Halloween Food Fun

One of the things I love is a good theme! So with Halloween rapidly approaching, we have been trying to make some yummy and spoooooky treats. Instead of trying to make and do all the things before Halloween, I pick a few treats or activities that I would like to make or do and we do them. They are super easy and don’t require a lot of fuss or muss!

After picking up Char from school one day, she was starving and she wanted an apple, so I spiced it up melting a few chocolate bits and peanut butter swirled it over the apple slices and threw some googly eyes on them to make “Mummy Apples”. They were yummy and fun at the same time!

This past weekend we had my sister and her family over to my parents’ house and we were making a spooky appetizer! Essentially it was just a charcuterie board but with a few added spooky surprises.

Lastly, I tried whipping up some spooky Halloween pancakes for a little treat. I wouldn’t say that I have a career in the pancake-making industry, but it was fun to play around!

All in all, it is just fun to get into the kitchen and try to make each holiday a little bit more fun. I also admit that usually the day of a major holiday or the weeks leading up to a holiday can be really overwhelming and filled with to-do’s, so I like to try to spice things up and make them fun before the craziness of the holiday ensues. For example, once October hit, I started playing around with some fun treats, it makes the lead up to the holiday exciting and I think last longer than just the day. Why not have a little fun all month long! This way I am not trying to rush and get all of things done or made on the day of the holiday or not at all.



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