“Adding Charm to Everyday Life”

Welcome to The DuBeau Abode Blog! My name is Carly and I am the blessed wife to John and momma to Charlotte. We live in a small town in Massachusetts. This is a place where we can share our hearts and our home all while adding charm into our daily lives.

We were fortunate enough to buy our forever home this spring during the pandemic! The best part of our home is that we bought it from my aunt and uncle, who built this house themselves and lived a raised their children in its walls. We spent many of our holidays, bbq’s, get togethers, etc here in this house. One of the best parts of the home would have to be in the gardens. My uncle has cared for and fostered flowers some of which are from my grandfather’s garden for over twenty-five years.

Welcome to The DuBeau Abode!

So what is The DuBeau Abode going to bring to your everyday life, that’s simple! Charm! My husband and I accidentally came up with the blog name when we created a Pinterest board that’s called “Adding Charm”. We created it to be able to find ideas that we loved that we could implement into our home, to make it feel more like ours. We both love old, old homes. Our very first house we owned when we were newlyweds was over 150 years old and we fell in love with the wide planked floors, the old fireplaces, the crown molding, the small cozy rooms. The only thing we didn’t love with that home was the floor plan, while sweet and charming, was hard for having children and the area in which the house was, wasn’t in the best school district. So needless to say we grew to love the charm of an older home, but knew we might not find that in home, so we are going to create it!

We are new DIY-ers that are learning as we go. With the help and guidance from my parents who have lived in a 200 year old home their whole adulthood.

While you will see our attempts at making our new house feel like our home, you are also going to see how we add charm into our everyday life, such as party planning and details, dinner parties, holiday fun, easy kiddo food ideas that play on the holidays, homeschooling activities for a pre-K kiddo, family time, and just our everyday life.

I strongly believe that if you slow down, soak up the time in your homes with your family, friends, and loved ones adding charm just simply happens with a few easy touches.

If nothing else, this blog will serve my family and I as a scrapbook of sorts where we can come back and reread all of the time and projects we spent together creating a life we love.

xoxo Carly

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