Faux Shiplap Wall

Our first “major” solo DIY project as new homeowners was to add a faux shiplap wall in our bedroom. I recently just painted the room from a yellow to a soft cool gray color. We knew we wanted an accent wall behind our bed and love the idea of shiplap, but we do not have the budget to spend on true shiplap. So my hubby went a searching for various DIY’s and YouTube videos and we came up with a solution to get the look we wanted with the price tag that fit into our budget.

Here is a before photo of what our room looked like. I loved how bright it was, especially in the afternoon hour the sun just beams right in and the room is just so cozy. However, we wanted a little bit of a more neutral look for when we attempt the accent wall.


So we decided to use plywood to make our faux shiplap instead of real shiplap boards. We went to Home Depot and bought sheets of plywood and had them cut the 8ft piece of plywood into 8inch wide pieces. Next we sanded down each plank and then I painted them with a wood stain. I chose a wood stain so that way the paint wouldn’t chip or peel overtime as well as it would hide some of the imperfections or knots in the wood. Once they were sanded, painted and dried we started placing pieces onto the wall starting at the top and worked our way down using a brad nail gun. We measured and cut various pieces around the windows and outlets. When all the wood planks were secured to the walls I used caulk to finish the edges of the walls, windows, and outlets. One more coat of paint stain which covered most of the nail heads and it was all done!

My Husband securing the planks on the wall.

After! Now just to add something above the bed.


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