Sprucing Up Our Entryway

Hey y’all,

We wanted to spruce up our entry way and add some interest and functionality to the hallway. We actually have a great closet right in our main hallway but I anticipated filling that with our shoes, extra jackets, hats, mittens, umbrellas, storage of odds and ends, beach towels and sunscreen. What we really wanted was to have a place for us to throw handbags, backpacks, a day to day jacket.

Following our ship lap wall in our master bedroom we had extra ship lap left over, so we decided that would be the perfect spot to use it. All we had to do was purchase the hooks, which we found on amazon and a piece of trim from our local hardware store! We just purchased a new nail gun and were excited to put to to the test on its first project!

This is the before of the space we had to work with.

To the left is our dining room and the right is our front sitting room. This space is also at the bottom of our staircase, so we wanted something that wasn’t going to interrupt the “flow” of the stairs, front door, and the dining room. So we went to work!!

We followed the same idea as our bedroom. We started with the trim piece at the top. We wanted it to be high enough off the ground so jackets wouldn’t touch and so we wouldn’t have to cut any of the planks in half! We secured the trim and then secured the ship lap one by one. Followed up with caulking to cover nail holes and the spaces between the trim. We use a nickel for a spacer in between each piece of ship lap. Once everything was secured, caulked, and painted we screwed in the hooks at the top of the trim.

We are super happy with how this came out and the charm that it instantly gave our front hallway!

Xoxo Carly


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