Dresser Remodel

Hey y’all,

A little simple and cheap DIY coming at you! I frequently scroll through the endless playground known as facebook marketplace. Every once in a while I find a gem on there for the right price and love to scoop it up. We had great luck with a antique buffet table that we scored and refinished for our dining room and this time I wasn’t on the hunt for anything specific, but this cute little antique dresser caught my eye. The price was set for $40!! I sent the link to my hubby to see what he thought and he of course asked where I was planning on using it and to be honest I had no clue. I had a few ideas of places in our home that I could find a home for it, but I knew that it was an amazing price and in good condition, so why not just jump on it. With the click of a few buttons we had a pick up date for it.

In times of COVID I like to make sure we “quarantine” our finds in our garage for a few days before starting a project, it just helps to ease my mind before I get busy DIY-ing. I set out a poll on my Instagram as to whether we strip it down and do a more natural wood tone (which I was leaning towards) or paint it. The majority ruled, to paint it. John also wanted the dresser painted and thought it would be more versatile that way. So I obliged and figured we had all the supplies, why not?!

I actually liked the color of the dresser, but it had quite a few scratches and marks in it up close that really needed to be buffed out.

First I cleaned the dresser down with a wet cloth inside and out. I took off all of the hardware, which was darling and we wanted to repurpose. Next, I took our orbital sander and wanted to give the whole piece a once over to take off any of the varnish and give us a nice surface to paint. I used a semigloss white paint on the dresser. I wanted it to have a nice sheen to it and be able to clean easily. I put on three coats of paint just to make sure that it was completely covered. I let the piece dry in the garage overnight and decided that it was going to take the place of our bookshelf that housed some of our bathroom toiletries in our bedroom. We have a smaller master bathroom, that doesn’t have the best storage options so having this dresser outside of the door is a great place to store our everyday “extras” just an arms reach away without the cluttered look that the book shelf had.

All in all, this project only cost us the $40 that we paid for the actual piece of furniture. All of the rest of the items we had at home, paint and all. We are trying to do more and more projects that are budget friendly, quick little updates, with lots of charm!




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