Painted & Personalized Book Stack Tutorial

Hey y’all,

I have been wanting to try to recreate the painted stack of books I’ve seen everywhere that have names or quotes on them. I’ve always thought they looked so cute, but haven’t wanted to pay the price for a stack. So why not try myself!

I had some ideas of inspiration that I used to achieve the look I was going for. And then I just went ahead and tried it out! I was pleased with how they came out and how quick and easy it was to complete!

Here’s what you need:

Old used hardcover books, chalk paint, paint brush, sandpaper, twine, permanent marker, & pencil.

I made sure to choose book colors that I would be okay with if they peeked through when I sanded the finished product. Keep that in mind!!

I put two coats of the chalk paint on the books. I used rustoleum’s white linen. After it was all painted and dried I then used the pencil to stencil out our names onto the top corner. Once I had the names the way I wanted I traced it with a permanent marker. To get the antiqued look I wanted I used the sandpaper to gently rub the names and some of the sides near the binding. I tied the stack together with twine and added a faux green eucalyptus leaf and I was done! A quick little easy project and it was all FREE!! Simple, sweet and super cute!!

Xoxo Carly


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