Eloise’s First Birthday

“A Sweet One”

The theme for Eloise’s birthday came to me early in the spring, it seems fitting not only for Eloise’s personality, but she truly is the sweetest little one you’d ever meet.

We celebrated the day with family and friends on the most gorgeous New England September Saturday you could as for.

Her at home smash cake photoshoot

Most of the party was homemade and dreamt up of evening pouring over Pinterest and scouring small party shops for ideas and inspo. I found some of the cutest shops that I hope to work with in the future because they were just honestly the best to work with!

The homemade rice krispie treats were a hit! The milestone board, I made on canva and then had printed off at Walgreens. It cost me less than $12! Pinata was a Party City find and the platters were of course, HomeGoods.

I made my first ever balloon garland and I am addicted! I purchased the air pump on amazon and that was a game changer! SO easy and I am already dreaming up another one for our next party!

I worked with the best local bakery and sent her an inspo picture and she nailed it when it came to the donuts. Plus, they were so AMAZING!! Definitely going to be working with them again, because oh my gosh were they a hit!
Same thing for our cakes! We have used the same baker for each birthday, baby shower, baptism, wedding shower, wedding, and special event since before John and I got married. Once I find the picture, I shoot it over to my friend at the bakery and she makes it come to life! Plus, they are super yummy!
We truly had the best day surrounded by all of our people who truly love on our girls, and we are so lucky to have them in their lives. I just cannot believe my baby is already ONE! Where does the time go?




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