Coffee Station Kitchen Nook Organizing

Project number #2 of the new year consisted of reorganizing and repurposing my little coffee station, medicine cabinet, bottle station. This serves a multipurpose nook in my kitchen. It’s usually my first stop in the morning when I wake up. I like to grab my first cup of coffee, make Eloise’s morning milk cup, take any medicine or vitamins I need for the day and check our family calendar to see what’s going on for the day.

First things first, I removed everything from the cabinet and wiped down the shelves. Next, I threw out any expired or empty medicine containers. Then organized all the medicines by ones for the girls and ones for my husband and I and labeled the shelves. I also made sure to label our little portable first aid kit.

I restocked my Nespresso pods into the canisters. Made a spot for my new little spoons and just added some cookbooks and a fun faux plant. I just feel like this little place in my kitchen is just so organized, clear, and serves such a purpose that is makes me really happy when I look over at it and especially when I wake up in the morning and everything is right where I need it to be.

What do you think of this little spot?


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