Curtain Refresh

Happy New Year! Project #1 of the new year is underway, and I’ve started in our bedroom! I have been staring at the curtains in our room for far too long and letting them bother me. Unfortunately, the curtains were an afterthought when we first moved in, I just needed something to throw up on the windows for privacy and that matched. So simple white curtains with the metal grommets were what fit our budget. I never really loved them but dealt with it until now. Lucky for me my mom is a wiz on the sewing machine, and she helped me devise a plan. I took the curtains off the rods, removed all the grommets and washed the curtains. Then my mom helped me to hem each curtain panel so that you couldn’t see the grommet hole any longer. I ordered metal rings with clips from amazon and all it took was a quick steam and it was like I had custom beautiful drapes instead of just the frumpy, afterthought curtains. Super easy fix, super easy project and the only thing that cost me money were the curtain rings! Tell me what you think!

xoxo Carly


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